11.1. Label Italy guarantees its Product, pursuant to art. 1490 civil code, for a period of 12 (twelve) months, starting from the date of purchase as indicated in the invoice delivered to the Customer (hereinafter, for brevity, “Warranty Period”). Defects or malfunctions must be reported no later than 8 working days from their discovery.
11.2. Label Italy undertakes to carry out, under its own responsibility, everything necessary to maintain or restore the Product to normal operating conditions during the Warranty Period. The warranty is, however, limited to malfunctions or manufacturing defects, or defects in the materials used.
11.3. Label Italy, at its sole discretion, will be free to proceed with the repair or replacement of the Product and/or any of its components or parts thereof. The guarantee does not apply if Label Italy’s technical service does not find the reported defect. The Product, the components or parts of the Product repaired or replaced will benefit from a new guarantee, starting from the date of return to the customer and of identical duration and content to those of the original guarantee.
11.4. The warranty is not recognized on components subject to wear and tear if the failure is attributable to normal use and wear and not to an intrinsic manufacturing defect.
11.5. The warranty becomes void in case of:
– tampering with the Product by the Customer or third parties;
– installation that does not comply with the technical specifications of Label Italy or the manufacturer, if not the latter;
– accidental events, such as for example electric discharges and/or voltages that do not comply with product specifications;
– use of inappropriate packaging;
– damages, accidents and breakdowns caused by transport carried out by the Customer.
11.6. This warranty expires at the end of the established Warranty Period.
11.7. For repairs to be carried out during the Warranty Period, the Product must be returned by the Customer to the Label Italy headquarters, customs cleared, according to the terms and conditions of the Incoterms. The Product will therefore always travel at the risk and expense of the Customer.
11.9 If the Product is not under warranty, Label Italy will formulate an intervention estimate and will wait until acceptance.

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