List of RF Coaxial Adapters

Product Description

List of RF Coaxial Adapters, always in stock:


ANMBNCF Adapter N male – BNC female N-m BNC-f
ANFF Adapter N female-female N-f N-f
ANMM Adapter N male-male N-m N-m
ANFFFT Adapter “T” N female-female-female N-f N-f
ANFMF Adapter “T” N female-male-female N-m N-f
A716MNF Adapter 7/16 male – N female 7/16-m N-f
A716MNM Adapter 7/16 male – N male 7/16-m N-m
A716FNM Adapter 7/16 female – N male 7/16-f N-m
A716FNF Adapter 7/16 female – N female 7/16-f N-f
A716FF Adapter 7/16 female-female 7/16-f 7/16-f
ALCMNF Adapter LC male – N female LC-m N-f
ALCFNF Adapter LC female – N female LC-f N-f
A7878I-90 Adapter 7/8-7/8, 90° + inner 7/8 7/8
A78NFI Adapter 7/8 – N female + inner 7/8 N-f
A78716FI Adapter 7/8 – 7/16 female + inner 7/8 7/16-f
A78716MI Adapter 7/8 – 7/16 male + inner 7/8 7/16-m
A15878I Adapter 1+5/8 – 7/8 + inner 1+5/8 7/8
A318158I Adapter 3+1/8 – 1+5/8 + inner 3+1/8 1+5/8

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