VHF Dipoles and Yagi Antennas, all wide band, for Repeaters

Product Description

Wide band Dipoles and Yagi 3 elements, these antennas are designed to realize Amateur Repeaters.  BKG/1 model is Aluminum dipole for VHF repeater.  BKR/3 is a yagi 3 elements for VHF repeaters.  CKB/2C-dip is a stainless steel dipole for UHF amateur repeaters.   All the amateurs antennas have PTFE insulators and stainless steel screws. They are light but very sturdy and resistant, usable in any weather conditions. All metal parts are electrically grounded and the antennas are in short circuit for D.C. to prevent the effect of the lightning.


FREQ. RANGE (Mhz) 140 – 150 140 – 174
IMPEDANCE (Ohm) 50 50
V.S.W.R. < 1.25:1 < 1.25:1
GAIN (dBd) 2 5
MAX POWER (W) 300 500
POLARIZATION  Vertical Vertical
WEIGHT (Kg) 3.5 8.2
DIMENSIONS (cm) 90x63x6 110x88x6
BKG/1 – V.S.W.R.
BKR/3 – V.S.W.R.

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