Coaxial Accessories

List of Coaxial installation Accessories

Coaxial Installation Accessories


Label Italy coaxial accessories

Technical Data

GK12 Grounding Kit for cable 1/2″
GK78 Grounding Kit for cable 7/8″
GK158 Grounding Kit for cable 1+5/8″
MS12 Cable clamp 1/2″
MS78 Cable clamp 7/8″
MS158 Cable clamp 1+5/8″
HG12 Hoisting Grip for cable 1/2″
HG78 Hoisting Grip for cable 7/8″
HG158 Hoisting Grip for cable 1+5/8″
WT12 Single Wall Through for cable 1/2″
WT78 Single Wall Through for cable 7/8″
WT158 Single Wall Through for cable 1+5/8″


Price & Info

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