List of RF Coaxial Connectors

Product Description

List of RF Coaxial Connectors, always in stock:


NMRG58C Connector male to crimp RG58 N
NMRG58C-90 Connector male to crimp, 90° RG58 N
NFRG58C Connector female to crimp RG58 N
NMRG213 Connector male RG213 N
NMRG213-90 Connector male, 90° RG213 N
NFRG213 Connector female RG213 N
NM12 Connector male 1/2″ N
NM12-90 Connector male, 90° 1/2″ N
NF12 Connector female 1/2″ N
NM78 Connector male 7/8″ N
NF78 Connector female 7/8″ N
716MRG213 Connector male RG213 7/16
716M12 Connector male 1/2″ 7/16
716F12 Connector female 1/2″ 7/16
716M12-90 Connector male, 90° 1/2″ 7/16
716M78 Connector male 7/8″ 7/16
FE7812I EIA flange with inner 1/2″ 7/8
FE7878I EIA flange with inner 7/8″ 7/8
FE158158I EIA flange with inner 1+5/8″ 1+5/8
I78 Inner for 7/8″ 7/8
I158 Inner for 1+5/8″ 1+5/8

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