Dipole FM antennas Wide Band, vertical polarization

Product Description

Wide band FM Dipole antennas, available in three versions: aluminum, stainless steel and hot-dip galvanized steel for the High Power model. We also have a low cost version of our Aluminum FM dipole, only with N connector ( AKF/1N model ). For all the FM aluminum dipoles we also have the Demountable versions, designed to reduce the volume and the shipping cost, ( AKS/1 standard models and AKSE/1N model for Low cost version ). These Broadcast Antennas have almost omnidirectional diagram makes it the most used antenna model, especially for city or lowland installations.  The stainless steel is pickled with an electrochemical method that makes it uniform in color and eliminates the weld marks. All the metal parts are electrically grounded to prevent possible problems arising from lightnings.