Passive products for FM, TV, DAB, Link, Aeronautical, Professional and Amateur Radio, VHF, UHF, SHF, WI-FI.

Antennas, Omnidirectional and Directional, Linear and Circular Polarization, Dipole, Yagi, Log, Panel.

Coaxial Power Dividers Splitters, Band-pass Filters and Notch Cavity, Duplexer, Combiners, Multicouplers, Hybrid and Directional Couplers

FM Band Amateurs
TV Band Audio Equipments
U-Shf Band Cables and Connectors
Aeronautical Poles and Accessories
Antenna Systems Offers



AKL/8 Log
FDB/1033 Cavity Filter
AKS/1 Dipole
GAXS/2F-C Special Splitter

AKL/5 Log FM


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