Log Wide Band FM antennas

Product Description

FM 5 and 8 element logarithmic directional broadband antennas, the standard models are entirely made of Surtec650 treated aluminum with stainless steel clamps and screws. They are lightweight and fully demountable, designed to reduce the volume and cost of shipping but offer superb gain and a secondary lobe-free diagram. All metal parts are electrically grounded to prevent possible problems resulting from lightning strikes.
The 5 element model is often used in reception for FM retransmission.
Of these LOG FM we also have a Special Version of the 5-element but entirely made of stainless steel and completely welded. The stainless steel is pickled with an electrochemical method that makes it uniform in color and eliminates the weld marks.
This model is much more strong and resistant respect aluminum (DKL / 5M)