Rack 19″ FM Cavity Filters

FM Double and Triple coaxial Cavity filters, rack version

Double or triple coaxial cavity in quarter wave high “Q” with variable coupling. Installed between transmitter and antenna, provides an output signal free from spurious and a perfect isolation from other emissions. Made of aluminum Alodyne with internal lines of silvered copper and PTFE insulators, FDB/102 ( rack 19″ – 3U ) and FDB/103 ( rack 19″ – 6U ).


Label Italy FDB/102 FM cavity filters rack 19"

Technical Data (see Recommendations)

 FDB/102-N   FDB/103-N 
FREQ. RANGE 87.5 – 108Mhz 87.5 – 108Mhz
IMPEDANCE 50 Ohm 50 Ohm
V.S.W.R. < 1.15:1 < 1.15:1
ATTENUATION < 0.5db < 0.8db
POWER 200 W 250W
BANDWIDTH ( -3 db )  500 – 800Khz 500 – 800Khz
WEIGHT 13 Kg 18 Kg
DIMENSIONS 49x80x13 cm 49x80x26 cm

Price & Info

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